Thursday, September 22, 2016

Do not share the ARCs

The source of this blog post is a lot of things I've seen floating around social media which has somewhat disturbed me. It disturbs me because it is a betrayal of trust and it's not right. I do not know if people profit from it, I certainly do not, but I felt I needed to say something about it.

With having a book blog comes receiving Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) of books from various sources to review. I get ARCs in exchange for an honest review which I publish on my blog, and also Amazon and Goodreads. I get those ARCs for free. I do not get paid for reviews. I have never been offered money for reviews, nor have I received money for reviews.

Paper Advanced Reader Copy ARCs

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Guest post: Falling for the wrong man by Christina Phillips | New Release: Captive (The Druid Chronicles #2)

I'm excited to have Christina visit the bloggity again. She's decided she likes us and wants to come back. Ain't that grand? :-) I'm also delighted to be hosting Captive as it is given a refresh and is ready to conquer the world again. Conquer! Get it? Roman soldiers and all? Ugh! I suck a puns!

I really should put a lid on it now and let Christina take the floor or the blog rather. :-)

Please give Christina a very warm welcome.

Falling for the wrong man. It happened 2000 years ago too!

Thanks so much for having me back on Deanna’s World to chat about my latest release, Captive, the second book in The Druid Chronicles, set during the Roman invasion of Britain in the first century with sexy warriors and magical Druid heroines.

Now you may be wondering why I picked this unusual time period have I mentioned the hot sexy warriors? :-) Well, apart from the fact my heroes wield very big swords and have biceps that keep me awake at night (purely for research purposes of course), it was more a case of them picking me. And when a tough battle weary warrior demands you tell his story, you don’t say no. I think I might’ve said something like Yes! Yes! Please…

Thursday, September 8, 2016

What Helen Read #5: August 2016

Another month, another bunch of books read. Helen was away on vacation for most of the month of August so she says she didn't read as many books. That said, I think she still did a pretty decent read with 14 books for the month.

Here's what Helen read for the last month.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Review: Lethal In Love series by Michelle Somers #HelenReviews

I have another review of a serial series for you. This one by the wonderful Helen. Aren't these book covers pretty? And according to Helen, it's a great series too!

Lethal In Love Episode 1 by Michelle Somers Lethal in Love Episode 2 by Michelle Somers Lethal in Love Episode 3 by Michelle Somers

Lethal in Love Episode 4 by Michelle Somers Lethal In Love Episode 5 by Michelle Somers Lethal In Love Episode 6 by Michelle Somers

Monday, September 5, 2016

Going on vacation ... back in November


Dear Bloggity members,

Greetings from the bloggity going on vacation because I am going on vacation and it won't be easy for me to write blog posts while on vacation. The bloggity vacation will be on while I'm on vacation. It will be quite a huge break and before you know it, it will be Christmas and the bloggity will be on vacation again. :-/ Bad Deanna! Neglecting the bloggity and all that.